Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Monday, March 23, 2015

New Blog

Thank you so much to everyone for the outpouring of love and support.  This community and D are the only things that keep me moving on.  I love you all so much and am so grateful for you.

That being said I wanted to let you all know that I am moving my blog to a new site.  I am hoping so very much that you will all continue to follow me at my new home.  Please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to share the new link with you.  There's a new post up at the new site today.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another No

As you've probably guessed from the title our beta this morning was negative.  I just keep hearing the echoing of a door slamming in my head.  There's no way to put my feelings into words.  I'm angry.  That comes to mind first.  I'm heart broken, disappointed, and filled with doubt and loss of hope.  I just can't understand why this is happening to us.  And I'm terrified by what it means.  Is there something majorly wrong that we are missing?  I just kept apologizing to D over and over again.  And he just keeps telling me I have nothing to be sorry for, but that's not true.  I have everything to be sorry for.  I know in my heart that neither one of us deserves this but him especially.  And it shatters my already broken heart to pieces to know that he's in pain because of me, for me.  I can't make sense of the fact that people have children every day that they don't want, don't spend time with, aren't dedicated to, complain about.  I could go on and on.  People live their lives every day taking for granted the one thing in the world I would do anything for.  (as if I haven't already done enough).  Three fresh IVF cycles, 5 transfers of 8 embryos.  And nothing.  Here we sit no closer to having a family of our own.  Actually further than we've ever been.  Part of me just feels numb.  Like this can't be real.  But it is of course.  It's my life.  I have to continue to live it no matter how badly I don't want to.  What would I give to change this path we are on?  Anything.  Absolutely anything.  I would give up D if it meant he could have a child of his own.  If it would take the hurt out of his eyes.  Instead we are doomed to continue to suffer.  Through pregnancy announcements, baby showers, birth announcements, birthday parties.  One tortuous event after another where we celebrate other people's happiness and pretend like everything is fine.  But it's not fine.  And I'm not sure how much longer I can pretend that it is.  The fact of the matter is I don't want to.  I'm not fine.  I'm broken.  There's an ache inside me that is constant, burning, relentless.  A physical pain that never lets me forget my emotional pain.  When will it end?

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is my fifth embryo transfer.  I'm not exactly what you would call a newbie. Having been through it 4 other times I was fully aware how awful the wait until beta would be. You'd think it would get easier or I'd be more prepared. But that's not the case. It seems this has been the hardest of the 2ww's for me.

I'll back up to transfer since I never posted about that. It went as well as we could have hoped for.  My lining looked great and my bladder was perfectly full. My clinic is using some new catheters for transfers and it was a straight shot that resulted in perfect placement according to my RE. I laid flat for 20 min afterwards and then D and I headed home. Our transfer wasn't until almost 3pm in the afternoon. Once we finally got home I was feeling pretty sleepy from the Valium and slept for basically the rest of the day and night. 

I stayed home from work the next day and spent it in bed just watching movies and relaxing. I got up to make my meals and go to the bathroom but that was it. I finally showered around dinner time after it had been 24 hours since transfer.  The next day I worked from home relaxing on the couch. I did have an acupuncture appointment as well and then ran a few errands before coming home and spending the night watching movies with D. The rest of the weekend I resumed normal activities except for working out. I did go on a couple short walks. 

That being said mentally I'm suffering. I've been trying so hard to stay positive but it is just so hard. I've had cramping basically every day after transfer day. I'm currently 4dp5dt so the embryo(s) should have implanted by now if they were going to.  I've had no sign of implantation bleeding (I did have this with my early miscarriage pregnancy). I've felt a little nauseous but with it being so early I think it's safe to say that's nerves. My boobs are bigger and I've been having a tingly feeling but they aren't painful and with the amount of progesterone I'm pumping in me that can be accounted for. 
I had a mini breakdown today to D where I just couldn't stop crying.  I broke down and consulted Dr Google and was actually comforted by reading other girls who had lots of cramping and got BFP. I've also been bloated and gassy but I know that's a side effect of the progesterone too. 

So that's where I am.  I'm driving myself crazy, and filled with worry but trying really hard to stay positive. My bets is 8 days after 5 day transfer which seems REALLY soon.  Especially since our transfer was late afternoon and my beta will be first thing that morning. I'm not going to test at home obviously since the beta is so early. If by some miracle I get a positive I thought I might test over the weekend as I wait for beta 2 just to hopefully ease my worries of it increasing. 

Here's the thoughts I keep repeating to myself when I'm overwhelmed with doubt. 

1. We transferred 2 day 5 blasts that were genetically normal on day 3 and continued to grow. Although after talking to CCRM about the day 3 testing I know it can damage the embryos. The fact that these two made it to blast is a good sign they weren't damaged. 

2.  We completed the 2 months of Lupron depot and I had 2 fibroids removed via my hysteroscopy. Technically my uterus *should* be in the best condition that it's ever been. 

3. I added acupuncture, supplements, and tried to eat as clean as possible. I cut alcohol and caffeine over a month prior to transfer. I've taken my meds religiously and haven't messed up adose or forgotten anything. I feel like I did everything I could to ensure success. 

Now all there is left to do is wait and pray. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Day.

Well it's here. Transfer day. Lucky number 5. It's a gorgeous spring day here in the MidWest. You can see small signs of life creeping up everywhere. I'm hopeful that's a good omen. 

I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep a wink last night so I've had a lot of time to analyze my feelings. I think it's safe to say I'm equal parts excited and terrified. But there's also a good chunk of gratitude mixed in as well. This week I've been showered with love, prayers, and tokens from family and friends showing me how much we are loved and cared for. I'll walk into transfer today with reminders of all of the wonderful people who are rooting for us and our two little babies. I'll carry with me symbols of that love and support and will find comfort and hope. 

This morning I received a special last minute gift from a cherished friend. As I mentioned I didn't sleep at all last night so when D finally got up for work I was scrolling through blogs reading posts from your transfer days.  As always I found comfort in your words and knowing I am not alone. But something still felt "off". My friend arrived at my doorstep this morning before her work day to drop off a gift. 

I've been looking for a daily devotional and just haven't found one that's the right fit. Everyone's faith is so personal and unique. For me I struggle to feel a connection with "bible speak". While there is absolutely passages that speak to my heart I sometimes struggle with finding the true meaning of verses or feeling a connection. I get the most out of a service if the speaker is in front of me, and relatable. Someone who I would enjoy having a non religious conversation with.  Someone who can take the stories of the bible and place them in my life. I'm not sure I've ever expressed those thoughts to my friend but maybe she just knows me well enough to understand. 

As I was flipping through the devotional I came to a section entitled "When I'm feeling Overwhelmed". Since that seemed fitting I began flipping through the devotionals and came upon this 

This sums up exactly how I'm feeling in this moment. And I feel so much comfort and peace having this prayer. Regardless of what happens with this cycle I know that He won't leave me alone. And that even when I don't have the words He hears my prayers. He knows my heart. And He will help me face whatever comes next. 

So Transfer Day. Lucky number 5. Our last two frozen embryos. Our Hail Mary, kitchen sink cycle. Could this be it?  Could those imperfectly perfect day 5 blasts turn into the child(ren) we've been praying for. I really think it could.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Only one way to know

I had my cycle day 9 blood work and ultrasound this morning.  I woke up feeling pretty good but the closer I got to the clinic the  more nervous I got.  They must have a big cycle this month because it was busy even right at 8am this morning and I waited a LONG time for my ultrasound.  So long in fact that when the doctor finally got into my exam room my bladder had filled up and she made me go and empty it so she could get a better image.  Envision me darting to the bathroom with the paper cover wrapped around me like a toga.  Seriously I've lost any sense of modesty I had a long time ago, so whatever.  Take 2 for the ultrasound and everything looked "perfect"  My endometrium looked "beautiful" and my lining was measuring at 8mm.  While this is obviously great news it makes me.....uncomfortable when they use words like perfect and beautiful.  Mostly I think because it raises your expectations of the chances of success.  They've used these words before and here I am on transfer #5 so obviously it's no guarantee.  But definitely better than the alternative so we'll go with it.
Tonight we start the PIO injections in addition to the estrogen I'll do tonight and Tuesday night.  Transfer is set for Wednesday and they scheduled  me in the afternoon.  I have the whole day off from work so I'm looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing before we head in.  I have an acupuncture appointment set up for Tues. evening and then Friday morning.  I'll be on bed rest the day after transfer.  And that, my friends, is the plan.

My feelings are pretty much all over the board.  I'm definitely excited and hopeful about the transfer.  But I'm also terrified.  I mentioned before that I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how on earth I'm going to survive this 2ww.  It just seems unimaginable.  And of course then my head goes to how I'm going to cope if we aren't successful.  It's sounds so terrifying to me it almost makes me not want to go through with it.  But I know that I'm stronger than I think I am.  I've proved that to myself over and over again.  I know the world will not end if this transfer doesn't work.  Our journey of trying to have a baby won't even end.  It will just be extended.  Sigh.  While I'm so ready for it to be over and hopeful that this is IT, there's only one way to know.  So...Wednesday.  Let's do this.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Giving Thanks

Wow what a week.  Some are just harder than others and last week was definitely one of those for me for several reason.  First off you all know my amazing friend Amanda.  Stop over and send her some love or say a quick prayer for her and Sam.  It breaks me that her beautiful, amazing heart is broken right now.  I wish there was a way for me to shoulder some of her pain.  But since there's not I ask you to keep them in your prayers and I'll be praying she feels comforted with all of the love we are sending her way.  She is at the top of my list of things I'm thankful for as I'm not sure I could make it down this rocky road without her.

Next on my list is the rest of you beautiful women.  Thanks to everyone who shot me an email, message, or comment to let me know that I'm not the only one who struggles with these fears.  It helps so much to know that I'm not alone.  And it's easy to get overwhelmed in the middle of the night when everything seems so.....well, overwhelming.  D doesn't follow my blog.  He feels like this is my place to air my feelings, vent and basically release.  I often read him your posts and some of mine if I think he'd enjoy it or if it helps to communicate something specific that I'm struggling with.  We talked about my post and of course he said exactly what I needed to hear.  He told me that he loves me for the person that I am and that nothing will change that.  He told me he'd pick me again, every time, even knowing that we'd have to fight this battle.  Most importantly he said that no matter what lengths we have to go to, or the cost, we WILL be parents someday.  God, I love this man 1000 times over.  Thank you Lord for bringing him to me.

Lastly I'm thankful for some good news on this Monday morning.  I had blood work this morning to see how my estrogen level was doing and to re-check my thyroid since I started on the medicine.  My TSH came in at 1.62 today!  (Remember my research showed between 1-2 is the ideal level).  So that is really great news.  They bumped my E2V dosage just a tiny bit and I'll do another injection of that tomorrow.  Then we'll re-check everything again on Friday and make adjustments for that evening injection.  We are on track for transfer next week.  Next week people!!  EEKKK!

Also based on all of your feedback and suggestions from this post I've added L-Arginine, Zinc, and the Omega 3 Fish Oil pills to my daily list.  The clinic has me on a baby aspirin, dexamethasone, the thyroid med, and my prescription prenatal.  I'm still doing the Lupron injections in the morning as well to keep me suppressed.  I've been doing pretty well with the clean eating (okay I had Coldstone Creamery on Sunday....it was a weak moment), and of course no alcohol or caffeine (decaf coffee is for the birds!) and I've been working out 5-6 days a week.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good! While on one hand I am SO ready for this transfer, on the other I'm really struggling with the concept of surviving the 2ww.  We all know how terrible it is and this just feels.....bigger for some reason.  I guess just because there's so much on the line.  If this doesn't work yes we are heading to CCRM but starting from scratch there it will be a long time before we are in a position to cycle again.  I'm so blessed that thanks to us saving our butts off and an amazing bonus check from my work we are in a position financially to move forward right away.  Add that onto my list of things I'm thankful for as well!  So, for now, I'm going to NOT think about CCRM.  I'm going to focus on this transfer in front of us, our two beautiful frozen embryos, and the fact that we know we've done everything in our power to make this a success.

Friday, February 27, 2015


As I laid in bed wide awake at 3am this morning I couldn't block it out.  It's as if all of the doubts, the fears, the stress collides and it all hits me in a complete moment of panic.  What if this doesn't work?  What if I can't ever get pregnant?

Sometimes I just can't help myself from going down that path.  And even though I feel my marriage is strong, and has grown stronger because of our infertility, I also know that it hasn't escaped unscathed.  Infertility has a way of creeping into every aspect of your relationship.  You can say you won't let it affect your sex life - until the moment when you are thinking it's a "waste" since you aren't ovulating.  You can say you are going to enjoy the time you have just the two of you - until you can no longer find joy in the things you used to.  You can say there's no one to blame for the circumstances but deep down is that really true?  I know I blame myself and I know that affects our relationship.  I've talked before about how much I struggle with thoughts of this is NOT what D signed up for.  That he deserves better.  That I'm keeping him from becoming the one thing in this world that he's MEANT to be.  Then when I add to it the fact that we are not on the same page as far as adoption, that he's doesn't want to talk about surrogacy when we aren't there yet.  I wonder if we'll be able to survive what this could potentially do to us.  Could we live child free and be happy?  Would having each other be enough?  My heart says YES.  I love this man.  I know without a doubt that he loves me.  But late at night when the shear magnitude of our situation crowds my mind the fear creeps in.  Could we really be fulfilled and happy in a life without children?  I'm not sure.  It's not what we want, not what I've envisioned for us.  Multiple times a day a feel a stab of pain, or envy, or heartache due to the reminders that are everywhere.  Could we live the rest of our life battling that day in and day out?  How do you make it through that without breaking?

I pray with all of my heart, every day, that we won't have to face this nightmare of a reality that haunts me.  But the truth of the matter is that we very well just might have to.  Are we strong enough to make it through?  Is anyone?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Things are creeping along ever so slowly in this FET cycle.  I have my baseline E2 blood test tomorrow and then start the E2V IM shots on Friday.  This will be my 5th transfer but only my second FET.  It's so odd to be in cycle but have it be so low key.

For me this is what my dear friend Amanda calls "the kitchen sink" transfer.  I'm throwing everything I've got at this.  I've been going to acupuncture (even though I hate it), I'm taking the thyroid meds, and I gave up alcohol and caffeine and have been eating clean (pretty strictly) since the beginning of February.  My motto for this cycle is basically if it can't hurt and there's a chance it could help - Go For It.  That being said I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on some of the old wives tales we hear related to transfer, implantation, etc.  I decided that with the "kitchen sink" transfer maybe I'd do some research into some of these.  I think the most common one we've all heard is the pineapple core after transfer.  I know "they" say it's supposed to help with implantation but I never knew why.  Turns out pineapple, especially the core, contains bromelain which is known to reduce inflammation in the body, including the uterus, and is also a mild blood thinner.  Both of which can be helpful with implantation.  So sticking to my motto this seems like an easy win for me.

Next on the list is Omega 3 Fish Oil.  This supplement is said to help the "quality" of blood in the uterus?  Then there's L Arginine and Zinc.  All I could find on these is that they are supposed to prevent miscarriage and promote implantation.  My prescription prenatal vitamin already contains 15 mg of zinc so I think I'm covered there.   I am curious on if anyone has taken the L Arginine though.

The last one is the Brazil Nuts.  This is another one I had heard about but didn't know the reasoning behind.  Come to find out Brazil Nuts are a good source of Selenium which, once again, prevents miscarriages and promotes implantation.

I'm not naive enough to think that any of these things is the "missing link" to why I've yet to become pregnant and stay pregnant.  But I am curious on what, if any, of these you girls tried and your thoughts and feelings on them.

On a side note I got a very interesting call yesterday that left me with mixed emotions.  It was from CCRM.  You guys know that if this transfer doesn't work our back up plan is CCRM.  We've already sent all our records over and had a phone consult with Dr. Schoolcraft.  I've kept them up-to-date with what's happened the last 5 months (hysteroscopy, Lupron Depot injections, FET scheduled for March).  But I haven't had any communication with them since probably late November.  I got a call yesterday from a Denver phone number and when I answered the phone a wonderful nurse by the name of Katherine was on the other line (any CCRM girls know her?!).  She simply stated they were reaching out because they had it in my file that I was getting ready for my FET and they wanted to wish us luck and see if we had any questions they could help with.  She told me that she hopes not to hear from me but that they are there if we need them.  I was pretty impressed and the call definitely made me feel like more than just a number to them.  And while it felt very reassuring to know that we have a great plan in place and are ready to move forward right away if need be, it also made me second guess my certainty about the potential success of this upcoming cycle.  I've been working so hard at being positive and truly believing that this is going to work.  I'm not sure how much I really believe in the power of positive thinking, but once again, it can't hurt.  And receiving that very nice phone call had me questioning if that was God's way of preparing me for another failure.  Obviously I'm probably reading WAY too far into things and should just stick with the initial feelings of reassurance from the phone call.  But you girls know better than anyone what a cluster f*ck your mind becomes with all the hormones, emotions, hope, and fears.

So that's where I'm at.  I feel like this post was a jumbled up mess but since that's kind of how I'm feeling I guess it's fitting.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Be Your Own Advocate

I hope you all know how grateful I am for this community.  When I set out to see what the infertility blog world was all about my sole reasoning was to have someone to talk to who truly understood what we were going through.  But the more women I met, the more involved I got, I began to realize there's so many benefits that I didn't expect.  Most recently this community has given me the confidence to be my own advocate.  When I got my diagnosis I immediately began researching, which is what actually led me to the blog world.  While I recognized I would never be an expert I wanted to at least understand what all of these tests and procedures were about, what the drugs I was injecting into myself did, and what the potential risks and outcomes were.  I quickly got up to speed on my diagnosis, my options, and the procedures and drugs.  However even equipped with all of this knowledge I still lacked the confidence to even ask some of my questions to my doctor.  There's been times throughout this journey that I questioned a choice he made or wondered if another option might be better.  But for the most part I just conceded to the fact that he was the one with the initials after his name, the years of experience, and the expertise.  But thanks to you guys for the first time I felt strong enough to speak my mind.

The re-test of my TSH level came back at 2.9.  My doctor was comfortable with that level and opted not to treat me.  However, after researching and some great advice from many of you, I got the courage to challenge her about this decision.  A lot of the studies I have been reading suggest the optimal TSH level for a woman trying to get and stay pregnant is between 1 and 2.  At 2.9 I was BARELY under what my Dr. was comfortable with.  I couldn't find any information that discussed your level could be too low.  But what I did find was a lot of studies that linked chemical pregnancies and early miscarriages to elevated TSH levels.  Now, while mine is clearly not "elevated", it is above what they were calling the optimal range.  So after stewing on it for the weekend I composed an email this morning to my doctor.  I included some of the more powerful articles I had read, and reminded her of both my early miscarriage and my chemical.  I explained that I didn't want to challenge her, I only wanted to give this transfer the best possible chance we could.  In what was surprisingly a quick response she agreed to put me on 25mcg of thyroid replacement and to re-check my levels in 3 weeks.

I feel good about the fact that I pleaded my case and even better about the fact that we are going to try and get it down to the optimal level.  Most importantly I'm so glad that I can move forward confident that I've down everything I can to make this cycle a success.  Meds start tomorrow - 4 weeks from transfer.  Let's do this.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Shades of Gray

Okay get your mind out of the gutter.  This is NOT a post about 50 Shades of Gray.  (although I'll admit to reading the books and could probably write a pretty entertaining post about them!)  It's about the shades of gray that lie between black and white.  And opinions that vary between experts.

I think I mentioned to all of you that my clinic has a new doctor.  I'm excited about this for a couple reasons.  #1 - she's a woman.  I like this.  #2 - she provides a fresh perspective to my case.  As most of you know we had a phone consult with CCRM and if the outcome of this next FET (with our last 2 frozen embryos) is not successful we will be packing our bags for Colorado.  However, since we still have the 2 embryos we opted to see them through first, before moving on to a new clinic.

That being said, it was great timing when Dr. Emmi joined our clinic.  I had a bad moment when Nurse Jenny informed me that I needed to re-do ALL of my initial testing since it has been 18 months since I started at the clinic.  That was hard to hear.  Obviously I fully envisioned at least graduating from the clinic by this point, if not holding our baby in my arms. (oh how naive I was!).  But since that's obviously not the case we went ahead and took the 8 tubes of blood for all of the consultation tests.  When we did this the first time the only number I was informed of was my FSH since it was elevated.  They told me that the rest of my levels came back within the normal range and I never pressed for the exact numbers.  This time I got the call that my thyroid level was a little high and they wanted to re-test it to determine if Dr. Emmi would treat me for that during cycle.  I did some research and came up with mixed results (shocking I know).  Basically you aren't considered to have hypothyroidism (under active) unless your TSH levels are over 5.5. However there is an ongoing controversy among RE's and more and more of the experts are proclaiming that the normal range needs to be revised to .3 to 3.0.  After reading all of this information I was anxious to get retested if only so I could find out how "high" my level was.  I went in this morning for the blood draw and Nurse Jenny told me that my TSH from last week came back at 3.2.  She confirmed that Dr. H just wanted to see levels under 4, but Dr. Emmi wanted to see them under 3.  Interesting.

Now we wait to see what the re-test comes back as.  Jenny seemed to think if it was under 3.0 she won't treat me but if it's over that, even in slightest, she will most likely put me on meds.  Either way it's refreshing to have that new perspective and feel as if someone is really examining my case.

I start suppression meds next week and then we'll really get this party started.  I'm so looking forward to crossing off the days until transfer.  No I don't ENJOY giving myself shots but at least it feels like we are doing something more than waiting.  Our last transfer (which resulted in a chemical) was in Aug.  In some ways that feels SO long ago and in others I'm shocked that it's been 5 months.  Now that the wait is almost over I'm glad that we did the procedures and the Lupron Depot.  I'm hopeful that my body will be in the best condition for this transfer.  And I'm praying that  9 months from now I'll be holding one (or both!) of those little embryos in my arms.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Life is messy. People are messy. Relationships are messy. This week has reminded me of that. Since being thrown onto this cobbled road of infertility the way I look at situations and my feelings about life as a whole have been greatly altered. Things I once thought were important became irrelevant. Words or actions that would have caused me to get worked up into a frenzy are now ignored, laughed at, or just disregarded. And while I try to keep my stress level (and the drama) in my life low, inevitably a situation will arise that must be dealt with. Like I said people are messy. Emotions are messy. Feelings get hurt, people say things they shouldn't, words and actions are taken the wrong way.

No one is perfect and no life is perfect. And I know without a doubt D and I are far from perfect. But as I undergo tests, blood draws, ultrasounds, battles with our insurance companies, and general hormone meltdowns I couldn't be more thankful for my imperfect partner. Yes, life is messy and mine is far from perfect.  But I'm happy, I'm loved and supported, I feel valued and respected. And I wouldnt trade it for anything.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Protecting my Heart

As we inch closer and closer to March I'm slowly allowing myself to start focusing on TTC again.  For the last few months I've done a decent job of avoiding it.  I'm sure you all know that the thoughts/fear/worries/sadness is always there, in the back of your mind.  But since we've been on a holding pattern as we waited to see if the Lupron Depot would do it's job I've been trying semi-successfully to put it on the back burner.  I've been focusing on work, the holidays, our mini-vacation, family and friends.  Anything so I didn't have to think about the fact that another year of trying was passing.  That March is my last chance to get pregnant and have a baby in this brand new year.  That every day it seems like someone else I know is announcing they are expecting.  That people who started trying more than a year AFTER us are holding their babies today.

But lately I've started to open up just a little bit more.  It's small things - like talking to D about a new  potential baby name that I heard and liked.  Or a conversation about how I hope our child will have his eyes.  It's not that we don't talk about our struggle.  But over the past few months we've made a conscious effort not to focus on what we don't have.  And to try and not let the sadness consume us.  Which means we've tried to talk about other things than babies.

As we've had several baby conversations over the last week or so the inner struggle begins.  While I want to be positive and hopeful, I also feel a need to protect my heart.  I don't think it's being negative to think about the fact that this upcoming transfer might not work.  I think after all we've been through and learned it's realistic.  And while I'm comforted with having a back up plan (CCRM) it still won't take away the pain from another failed cycle.  Another set of our babies gone before they even had a chance.  So as fun and exciting as it is to talk about baby names, nursery ideas, and what it will be like/feel like to finally be parents, there's still a wariness that I can't shake.  I know it's fear of my heart being broken again.  But I also know that having a positive mindset going into this transfer will only help our chances of success.  So I guess the question I have for my veteran girls today is....

Where is the line between positivity and realism?  How did you or do you protect your heart when the outcome is unknown?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Mama

Last night as I was flipping through the channels (and avoiding The Bachelor because D and I watch it together and he had a school board meeting) I stumbled upon the movie Baby Mama.  You know this one - Tiny Fey tries to have a baby on her own only to find out she has a T shaped uterus so she opts to go the surrogacy route.  Amy Poehler becomes her surrogate which leads into a funny story line about a not so bright woman who is in it for the money and doesn't understand that you have to wait 2 weeks to test.  She tests immediately and it's negative.  She then sets out to pull a fast one on Tina Fey pretending she's pregnant so she can get the cash.  But then halfway through she finds out she really is pregnant and it might be Tina's or it may be her common law husband's.  Long story short the baby ends up NOT being Tina Fey's but she miraculous becomes pregnant on her own even though her RE gave her a 1 in a million odds.  

This is a movie I would have found hilarious 2 years ago.  Honestly even after all I've been through the past year and a half I still found it funny.  Which I guess is a tribute to how far I've come.  I think 6-9 months ago I would have burst into tears and completely lost my shit over this.  Today though I could appreciate the fact that the movie IS generating awareness of infertility and some of the struggles Tina was going through in the beginning of the movie before the surrogate entered the picture were pretty accurate.  However the one part that did bother me was her miraculous pregnancy.   This is only fueling the fire for those (uneducated) people out there who say all of those terrible things that make us want to poke our eyes out (just relax, take a vacation, maybe you should adopt then you'll get pregnant!).  Because in real life it just doesn't work that way.  Okay, once in a great while maybe.  And I'm all about the power of prayer and I do believe that God works miracles.  I know He does.  But with so many of us struggling to conceive we can't ALL be the one who miraculously gets pregnant.  Our miracles come in the forms of IUI, IVF, donor eggs and embryos, surrogates, and adoption matches.  There is no cure to infertility.  Nothing we can do that immediately equals our bodies healing themselves and poof - baby on board.  I know that some of us have been fighting this battle for YEARS.  And it's through blood, sweat, tears, pain, and heartache that we build our families.  And in a funny way even though I couldn't be closer to having a baby of my own I'm proud of the battles scars.  One day (I have to believe there WILL be a one day) I'll be a better parent.  One day I will teach my child about the extremes we went through to get him or her.  One day I will raise a person who won't be the one to ever make those comments that make us want to claw our eyes out.  I can't wait until that day.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A positive sign

No, not THE positive sign (as in a positive pregnancy test) but a step in right direction.  I had my follow up appointment today from my second month of the Lupron Depo shot.  I think I mentioned that we recently got a new RE at my clinic.  I met her just briefly during my followup hysteroscopy after the 1 month of Lupron Depo and it was her call to have me go another month.  So it wasn't exactly a great first impression.  However this time it went much better.  We only did an ultrasound but she explained to me on the screen what they were looking for.  She said the inflammation would cause shading or darkening which she wasn't seeing any.  My lining was at a 6 which she said was good for being suppressed (I believe it was at a 9 last time).  There were some other things she pointed out that kind of went over my head but her exact words were "You uterus actually looks really good!".  I will take that.  She put me right back on birth control pills to keep me suppressed until I start my FET protocol which will be in Feb.  We are looking at a transfer the second week in March.

I feel so relieved that the injections did their job and we can move forward.  My friend told me the other day that from our conversations she felt like I'd already written off the March transfer.  After some reflection she may have been right.  I think I was just trying to prepare myself for another delay or even worse news.  And while I do have CCRM all squared away and we are ready to move forward with them if this transfer doesn't work, I am beginning to have some hope for this last shot.  I have two pretty highly graded day 5 embryos left.  I also got the okay to transfer both.  My former RE was not on board with transferring more than one since we did have genetic testing done and that supposedly increased our chance of success significantly.  Well, after talking with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM and learning that the genetic testing we did has the potential to damage the embryos I feel strongly about transferring both.  Even if by some miracle both implant D and I feel fully ready to happily take on a twin pregnancy.  I've talked to several of you who have experienced them and feel prepared.  It just feels like the right decision.  If this transfer doesn't work out then I am emotionally, financially, and physically ready to move on to CCRM.  (Please God let that not be necessary).

So that's a quick update.  On a random side note I'm not sure I've shared here that my nurse at the clinic completed her first cycle of IVF in Oct.  She's currently 14 weeks pregnant.   Her husband actually had a blockage so their issue was with him.  They were able to go in and extract the sperm for the embryos and she got pregnant on the first cycle.  I'll be honest when I found out I was a little bitter.  One and done - can you imagine?  But once I had a few minutes to think about it my bitterness went away.  I was still sad for US but happy for her.  No matter what your fertility treatment or how quickly you find success this is a hardship I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  I asked her how it was going breaking the news to her other patients and she said not well at all.  I would imagine it to be a very difficult conversation to have but considering she's already started showing (she was very thin before) not really something she can ignore.

Anyway just wanted to send out a happy update!  It feels like a long time since I've had any personal good news to share.

Monday, January 5, 2015

We are Courageous

A friend of mine shared this beautiful blog post on Facebook today and I couldn't wait to post it on my own blog.  The friend that shared it is a fellow infertile who has recently adopted a gorgeous baby boy.  She has experienced both sides of this struggle.  However, what truly amazed me was how much the author "gets" all of the emotions associated with infertility.  Fear, pain, disappointment, hurt, shame.  She really nailed it.  And her prayer brought me to tears.  A great read for those of us in the trenches and our fertile friends who want to support us.  Sending all of you who are fighting this battle so much love each and every day.

I could have a baby, but she could not