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D and I are a happily married Midwest couple struggling through the difficult world of infertility.  I was diagnosed with elevated FSH (which signals poor egg quantity and/or quality) in July of 2013.  We currently have one "baby" at home which is our  3 year old, 90lb boxer/lab mix.  She is the love of our life :)

Some of my favorite things include coffee, red wine, chocolate, my girlfriends, and cuddling on the couch with my little family.  I love to read and will give any book recommendation a try!  D and I love football, volleyball and are big college sports fans.  We love to go to games and tailgate with friends and family!  We also love music and concerts and listen to everything from Country, to 90's, to 80's hairbands and classic rock.  Our favorite weekend activity is going out to breakfast on Saturday mornings and we love to try new "Mom and Pop" restaurants when we can find them.

We enjoy traveling when our schedules allow it and you can find us on a beach with a fruity drink in our hand at least once a year.   The past couple of years we've been fortunate enough to take trips to Hawaii, Cabo, Jamaica, San Francisco, and Nashville together.  We also love to boat and own some property on a small fresh water lake.  We spend our summer weekends on our 24" Rinker enjoying the sun and water with friends and family.

This blog is about our journey to extend our little family with a human baby(ies?).  If you are new to the IF world or TTC and need someone to talk to you don't hesitate to reach out!


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