Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To test or not to test.......

Okay, so the Crazy Train is off the rails today.  I am literally sick to my stomach with anxiety and worry over my first Beta tomorrow.  I have really started to feel like maybe I should just take a test so I can be prepared.  I think I've told you guys before that my clinic typically doesn't give results until after the 2nd Beta which for me would be on Friday.  But since me and Nurse Jenny are long lost best friends she said she would call me with the results of my first one tomorrow.  So I'm sure I'll be at work when I get that phone call.  D does not want us to test at home because the clinic told us that HPT's aren't always accurate.  So for him it's just cut and dry - we wait.  But it's completely driving me insane.

Help! Did you all test at home before your Betas?  I'm 9dp3dt today.  I think from what I've read your beta has to be 40 for a regular test to detect it and 25 for a FRT?  Is that right?


  1. HPT's range from 25 (FRER) to 40 or 50. I'm pretty sure the ClearBlue Easy Digital is 50 and the EPT is 40.

    So here's my two cents. I'm typically not pro testing because it never answers the question for me. A negative HPT doesn't mean you stop taking meds and it never seems to "seal the deal" there's always this glimmer of hope that it was just too early. However, I think I may have changed my tune after the last beta. While it would have SUCKED to get a positive HPT and then learn at the beta that it was dropping, I would have liked to see the HPT. It would have made the whole situation more real. Maybe I would never have reached 25 even, but maybe I would have and I think that would have helped me accept the truth. Hearing a beta of 6 just seems like a wonky fluke, not a real pregnancy

    So take all of that for what it's worth... not much. Really hopeful that you will get a positive no matter when/how you test!!!

  2. Thanks so much for responding Amanda. I was having one of those moments where I felt completely alone.

    I can completely see your point. My husband just answered my paincked email and I think he's talked me off the ledge. He said a lot of the same things that you did. That if it's negative it could be too early and if it's positive we still need to see it double. Only the clinic can give us those hard numbers not a home test.

    However if it IS positive (please God please) I am going to take your advice and POAS so I can see the postive test! I think you are right it makes it more real to have something you can hold and look at.

    I am just going to take a deep breath and *try* to hold it together for another day.

    1. I like this plan. One more sleep! Plus, since it's tomorrow, you only have one more opportunity for FMU. Hang in there!

  3. Hey! Found your blog through Amanda....wishing you the best with your beta tomorrow!! I was told not to test early because I triggered with HCG so they said there was just as good of a chance of a false positive as a false negative, if you can hold out one more day, I would. When my beta was positive, I did go home and POAS ( ok multiple sticks!) because I had never seen a positive during our 2 1/2 yr journey. Best of luck tomorrow!!!! Will be praying for you!!

  4. HI Beth! Thank you so much for your kind words. I just checked out your blog and was so happy to see your good news! It gives me such hope knowing that this process DOES work for people. I'm going to do everything I can to hold out and wait for the Beta. I think it's just better, even if it is really hard. Thanks again for the support and prayers. It means so much!

  5. Good luck with your beta! I don' t know what advice to give you . I was always a POAS addict, very close to madness LOL. After my IVF I started testing at 3dp5dt with an internet cheapie,and got a positive at 4dp5d5! I think that if I have used a FRER I would have gotthen the positive at 3dp5dt! Good luck today!

  6. Have been thinking and praying for you today!