Monday, November 11, 2013

The Battle Plan

One of the analogies that I've read about in the blog world is comparing IVF to preparing for war.  If that is our analogy below is our Battle Plan.  This is the wonderful calendar that my clinic provided us for our first IVF cycle.  This calendar warmed my Type A heart like nothing I've ever seen before!  Dates!  Specifics!  Color coded timeline! A planner by nature (and admittedly a little bit of a control freak) this one piece of paper brought me so much peace and happiness.  You can see we are just 8 days out from starting our suppression meds which for my cycle will be the Lupron.  I've been back on birth control pills since Oct. to begin the suppression.  I can not wait for the 24th when I can take the last pill and officially start working on building some eggs! (fingers crossed)

Is this what a typical cycle looks like for you all?  Any tips or suggestions on how to best handle the next few weeks?

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