Friday, November 22, 2013

A new form of packing

Well the weekend is here!  And like most weekends D and I are off to visit family and friends. D will be deer hunting with his brother and dad and I'll be shopping with the girls.

Considering this cycle falls right in the middle of the holiday season I guess we better bet used to the new "extreme" packing. No more throwing a change of clothes in the bag and hitting the road!  Honestly though between my clinic and my own organization we should be good to go. I kept the mini styrofoam cooler that some of my meds were shipped in so I'll transport my lupron that needs to be refrigerated in that. Since D will be in the deer stand well before our 6:40am injection time my mother-in-law will give me the shot on Sat and Sun morning. She, like D, has spent years giving shots to farm animals so it should be a piece of cake for her. :)

So we hit the road with a little more baggage than usual thanks to the meds, but also with a lot of hope for the coming weeks. Bring on the holidays. This girl could use a little magic!

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  1. Organized as usual,That's my girl!